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Novice Roundtable Discussion

Plant GraphicIf you are new to planned giving, making a career/job change to planned giving, or being asked to add planned giving to your skillset, you will find this program particularly beneficial. Open to members and non-members alike, The Novice Roundtable Discussion is a 30-45 minute informal discussion held immediately after most regular monthly luncheons. It's a great opportunity to ask a question about something you didn't understand from the Morning or Luncheon presentations or bring a topic you'd like to discuss.

Facilitated by NCGPC volunteers, these sessions feature an interactive discussion and an opportunity to ask questions about planned giving in a small group setting.

For questions about the program or to apply to be a volunteer facilitator, please contact Novice Roundtable Discussion Chair, Patricia Wang, or Vice President of Programming, Kara Barnes.

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