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Planned Giving Days 2007

PG Days 2007
State Street Global Advisors

Keynote Speakers: The Art and Science of Gift Planning

André R. DonikianReading the Tea Leaves: What the Numbers are Telling Us about the Planned Giving Environment
The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 made major changes in Medicaid qualification requirements that will have a major impact on how we conduct gift-planning activity. IRA transfers and an IRS memo in late 2006 are also complicating the landscape. Whether it is repeal of the federal estate tax, or issues with remainder trusts, lead trusts and pooled income funds – we'll look at how your organization can avoid the mines and take advantage of the opportunities.
André R. Donikian, JD, President, Pentera, Inc.

Karen OrbornePowerful Trends and How You Can Use Them Today
In this fast paced, information packed and interactive session, we will explore philanthropic and business trends, brainstorm what they mean for you and your programs, and together develop strategies to help you cultivate and close mega gifts.
Karen Orborne, President, The Osborne Group, Inc.

Track 1 - Foundation

"Who are These Wonderful Planned Giving Donors and How Do I Reach Them?... Then What Do I Do?
This presentation will provide critical information about the typical planned giving donor and how to identify and market to key prospects. It will discuss how to compare your organization to others, the most common planned gifts, how to determine which are appropriate for your organization, the level of technical knowledge required and when to bring in outside technical support. It will also help you determine the giving potential of your current bequest donors.
John W. Jensen, Gift Planning Consultant and Senior VP of The Sharpe Group

Track 2 - Bricks and Mortar

"Gift Annuities: New Developments, Planning Opportunities, and Operational Questions"
This session is for the person who already has a basic understanding of gift annuities and now wants to learn about: (1) the implications of new developments; (2) creative applications, some of which involve non-traditional assets; and (3) how to deal with special situations and maximize the benefits of the gift annuity program.
Frank Minton, President, Planned Giving Services, a Division of PG Calc

"Gifts of Tangible Personal Property and Art"
A discussion of the unique issues associated with both outright and deferred charitable gifts of tangible personal property, valuation, qualified appraisals and the new provisions in the Pension Protection Act of 2006 regarding gifts of undivided interests in art.
Phil Temple, Esq., Partner McCarthy Fingar LLP
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"Planned Giving Internal Marketing: It's Necessary to Brag"
Marketing planned giving is not just about external marketing. It also means continuous internal marketing and consensus building. Even when leadership says it's committed to planned giving, constant internal selling, statistics and stories are key to success. This presentation will offer concrete strategies for successful internal marketing including utilizing volunteers, relaying statistics, sharing stories, and educating staff. It will include handouts and case studies to provide participants with examples adaptable to their organizations.
John Jensen, CFP, Senior VP of The Sharpe Group and Rebecca Rothey, CFRE, Director of Gift Planning, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

Track 3 - Roof

"What I Need to Know About Investing as a Gift Planner and Why"
To be the most successful planned giving professional you can be, you must know something about and intelligently discuss investing. Particularly with regard to how your institution prudently and successfully manages endowment and planned giving assets. And while learning about this essential aspect of your profession, what about you? Are you managing your own assets wisely? Will you ever be able to retire? Knowing a few basic principles can help you be a more successful gift planner and a wealthier one too.
Donald P. Kent, Principal, Bernstein Global Wealth Management

"Tax & Practical Considerations: Technical Issues from a Client's Perspective"
The uncertainty of the estate tax laws - such as where exemptions and tax rates are heading, recent changes in capital gains rules, and new perspectives regarding charitable giving - have raised new challenges and questions as clients consider deferred giving. This session will focus on some practical issues facing attorneys in this environment, as well as how these advisors are responding as they help structure the deferred giving aspects of a client's estate plan.
Steven Widdes, Esq., Paley, Rothman, Goldstein, Rosenberg, Eig & Cooper, Chtd.

"Alphabet Soup: Charitable Uses of FLPs, LLCs & S Corporations"
A discussion of the special tax and legal issues involving charitable gifts of unique assets, with an emphasis on Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), S Corporations and real estate. A particular examination will be made of their use in split-interest charitable trusts.
Phil Temple, Esq., Partner McCarthy Fingar LLP

Track 4 - Windows and Doors

"What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Get"
This lively, interactive session will show how, in some instances, the outcome of a planned gift may not necessarily conform to accepted thinking. Case studies involving gifts of closely held stock and IRD will be examined, as well as others involving situations of interest to gift planners.
André R. Donikian, JD, President, Pentera, Inc.

"Committing to a Major Gift: A Donor's View"
A discussion of the factors that motivate major givers, how to identify which ones work for a particular prospect, and how to harness them for a successful ask. The session will focus on how to cultivate a prospect, how to find his or her "hot button" and how to determine the right time to push it. Finally, recent issues in wealth creation and estate tax policy and implications for the major-gift process will be addresses.
Knight Kiplinger, Editor in Chief, The Kiplinger Letter

"Understanding What Makes People Tick" (Part I & 2 included in handout)
Discover tools to build on your people skills to get the results you seek. Be given the keys to being more effective with your prospects, donors, staff, and supervisor by discovering the power of the simple Enneagram System. Learn to identify the needs, strengths and blinders of those with whom you work. Open the doors to understanding what motivates, empowers and inspires them.
Chris Wright, M.A., Consultant

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