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Planned Giving Days 2008

PG Days 2008

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Keynote Speaker: Fundraising in Times of Change
Robert F. Sharpe, Jr., President, The Sharpe Group
This year promises to be one of change. Learn how to cope with various factors that are converging in ways that could either be detrimental or positive for planned and major gift development efforts. What does history tell us? From the Great Depression forward, planned gifts have evolved over time to lay different roles depending on the prevailing climate. Be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2008 and beyond given increased expectations, budgetary pressures, and increases in S.E.C. and other governmental regulation.

Track 1 - Gather the Facts - Introductory

A as in Annuity, B as in Bequest, C as in Charitable Remainder Trust…What do All These Terms Mean, Anyway?
Join Gayle Union for a lively discussion covering the ABCs of planned giving ‐ the most commonly used vehicles, their benefits to the donor and to your charity, the assets with which they can be funded and other practical considerations.
Gayle Union, CFRE
Most Recent Position: Vice President
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Building a Donor- Centered Start-Up Gift Planning Program
Do you work at a small or midsized charity without a gift planning program? Are you considering starting a gift planning program, but don’t know what you need to do? Join Brian Sagrestano for this interactive session to learn more about the steps required to develop a strong foundation for your gift planning effort. You’ll walk away with sample documents and tools that will allow you to get started right now.
Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE
Founder and Managing Director,
Gift Planning Development, LLC

Stewardship Basics and Basic Stewardship for Gift Planning
When a donor makes the gift of a lifetime shouldn’t they also receive the thank-you of a lifetime? This session explores the basic components of a successful stewardship strategy for non-profit organizations and highlights some best practices for integrating stewardship strategies into your gift planning practice.
Paige Eubanks-Barrow
Director of Donor Relations,
Southern Methodist University

Keys to Strengthening Your Bequest Program
In this session we will focus on tactics and strategies that you can use at your organization today to build your bequest fundraising program. The recommendations will be scalable for programs of all shapes, sizes and resources and will be actionable enough to start using today.

Angela Woo Sosdian
Director of Philanthropy for Gift Planning
The Nature Conservancy

Sarah Lutte
Gift Planning Campaign Manager
The Nature Conservancy

Track 2 - Snoop for Answers - Intermediate

Involving Your Board in the Fun of Planned Giving
Often Board members are used as the “heavy weights” to close a gift. For the average Board member, such a role can raise anxiety and cause the Board member to back away from the planned giving program. This presentation will focus on ways to involve Board members and other high level volunteers in the more mundane, but less intimidating and often more rewarding, aspects of planned giving. This approach often results in a stronger planned giving program with much greater Board support, interaction and involvement.
Barbara Diehl
Manager, Gift Planning, New York Hudson Valley-
Long Island Region, American Red Cross

Moves Managing Your Career
Helpful and practical tips and hints that help professionals move their careers from one position to the next. Participants will receive ideas for a plan for their current career and have tools to assist them to be more marketable in their current job.

Jane M. Luiso
Principal, Kittleman & Associates

Ross Hechinger
Principal, Kittleman & Associates

Protect Your Charity’s Assets by Properly Managing Bequests
Ms. Sotelo, an experienced estate administration attorney, licensed in Virginia, D.C. and Maryland, will provide insight on steps you can take to protect the assets that are bequeathed to your organization. This session will help you make sure that your charity is actively taking steps to protect their interests during the estate administration process.
Martha Leary Sotelo
Attorney, Vaughan, Fincher & Sotelo, P.C.

CRTs and CGAs: Similarities and Differences
Charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities are the two most popular types of life income arrangements. Even though to some extent donors are justified in thinking of them as being alike, there are a number of important distinctions to be made - both from a technical standpoint and from a practical standpoint. This session will focus not only on the characteristics of each arrangement but also on their significance, as explored through case studies.
Bill Zook
Executive Vice President, Planned Giving Services
a division of PG Calc Incorporated

Track 3 - Investigate Complex Issues - Advanced

Technically Speaking: Funding CRTs with Complex Assets
Opportunities to fund large charitable remainder trusts often involve funding those trusts with assets other than cash or publicly traded securities, such as stock in closely held companies, Rule 144 stock, real estate, tangible personal property including collectibles, and intellectual property like copyrights. This advanced presentation will use case studies to review the rules which must be considered when planning these gifts, and to suggest a problem-solving approach to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for the charity and its donor.
David Wheeler Newman
Chair - Charitable Sector Practice Group
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, LLP

Gift Planning and Principal Gifts: Crossroads, Highways and Byways
You’re on the on-ramp; accelerate and merge. This presentation will give you a user’s guide and map. Processes, plans and actions to successfully navigate and negotiate through the traffic on the road to big gift commitments.

Jeffrey W. Comfort
Executive Director of Principal and Gift Planning
Georgetown University

David J. Tucker
Director of Gift Planning
Georgetown University Law Center

Fish Tales & Other Traps
A real life case study approach to traps inherent in the fish tales donors tell and the creative “gift plans” they dream up. Wear your best waders as we tackle issues in the swift-running waters of planned gifts.

Kathryn Baerwald
Deputy General Counsel
Georgetown University

Mary Todd Hardeman
Senior Director of Gift Planning
Georgetown University

How to Identify Planned Giving Prospects
Did you know that people who make planned gifts don’t profile the same way as major donors? In this session you will learn how to identify the true characteristics of planned and major giving prospects using internal and/or external data.
Lawrence C. Henze, J.D.
Managing Director, Blackbaud Analytics

Track 4 - Communicate with Prime Suspects - Marketing

Donor-Centered Gift Planning Marketing
Traditional gift planning marketing focuses on selling gift planning vehicles. Join Brian Sagrestano as he shares a donor-centered, moves management based gift planning marketing approach for the 21st century.
Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE
Founder and Managing Director
Gift Planning Development, LLC

How to Write Proposals That Will Bring in the Dollars: Tips from the Experts
Proposal writing is the art of telling your story in an efficient, compelling, and strategic fashion that will match your organization’s needs with those of a prospective donor. But sometimes it can be hard to imagine what donors are looking for, and how your proposal stacks up against the competition. In this workshop, you will hear tips from two experts who have raised millions of dollars for a wide variety of causes, using examples of successful proposals for planned gifts.

Sonja Carlborg
Independent Proposal Writer and Trainer

Nancy Withbroe, CFRE
Manager of Consulting
Services, CDR Fundraising Group

Applying the Hot Trends in Nonprofit Marketing to Your Planned Giving Newsletters
Do the newsletters and other regular communications you send to your donors and prospects inspire them or bore them to tears? Do you struggle to decide what to write about each time a deadline approaches? Learn from one of the leading bloggers and consultants on nonprofit communications about some of the hot trends in nonprofit marketing right now and how you can use them to rejuvenate your planned giving newsletters.
Kivi Leroux Miller
President, EcoScribe Communications &
Nonprofit Marketing

Marketing Planned Gifts the E-Fashioned Way
Learn how to communicate with your donors and prospects as well as your own internal audiences effectively through a combination of electronic and printed materials. We will cover e-newsletters and viral marketing in addition to printed targeted mailers and direct mail.

Mark Smith
Director of Gift Planning
University of Virginia

Melissa W. Fountain
Gift Planning Public Relations Coordinator
University of Virginia

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