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President's Message

Meg Roberts, NCGPC PresidentI first attended a National Capital Gift Planning Council program in January of 2003. For some, this may seem like a long time ago. For others, it seems like just yesterday.

And that right there is one reason to join NCGPC. Our Council brings together novices and veterans and all of us in between. We share our knowledge freely with one another and respect the perspective each member brings to the group.

As gift planners, we are often the only ones doing this work in our organization or company. NCGPC provides us with colleagues to brainstorm together, finding new ways of helping our donors achieve their goals. We meet consultants and service providers who can partner with us to maximize our time and dollars to get the most out of every day.

Whether you come for just one program or participate regularly, NCGPC provides education and networking for everyone. We bring together gift planners from all professions—from development directors to attorneys to financial advisors—finding ways to help donors change the world.

I encourage you to take the next step with NCGPC.

  • If you have never attended a program, please come learn with us.
  • If you are not a member, join for members-only benefits.
  • And finally, please consider volunteering with NCGPC. All that we accomplish as a council is due to many volunteers in roles ranging from minimal commitment to year-long service.

There is a place for you here and we welcome you.

Learn, Connect and Succeed with NCGPC!

Meg Roberts, CFRE
NCGPC President

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