National Capital Gift Planning Council

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Volunteer Opportunities

The work of the Council is done, in large part, by committees. If you are interested in volunteering, find a committee that suits your skills and interests.

Why Join a Committee

Join a committee to play an important role in the Council’s efforts to provide networking and educational opportunities to its members. You can also learn more about trends in gift planning, meet interesting colleagues, and get to know the organizations that support gift planning professionals.

How Much Time Does it Take?

It’s less work than you might expect. Committees meet by phone, either monthly or quarterly. The work typically takes only two hours a month. For additional details, speak with the chair of the committee in which you are interested.

Overview of Standing Committees


Work with the creator of the Ethics Corner to update postings and encourage others to visit our website to read and comment on the current topic. Learn More »


Share your expertise with someone new to our profession. We tailor a flexible schedule and work arrangement to you and mentee.  Learn More »


Develop marketing strategy for the annual conference and monthly programs. Review and make recommendations for our website. Provide input on marketing materials.  Learn More »


Promote membership in the Council. Help come up with new and creative ways to engage and retain current members.  Learn More »

Nominating and Governance 

Help recruit potential new board members. Develop succession plans for officers and committee chairs. Create and monitor protocols to ensure good governance practices.  Learn More »

Planned Giving Days

Take part in the planning committee for NCGPC’s signature conference, held each May. Volunteers help select session speakers, recruit conference sponsors, coordinate marketing, assist in day-of logistics, help register conference attendees and much more.  Learn More »

Programming Committee

Recruit speakers for engaging and informative luncheon and breakfast sessions for our members and guests.  Learn More »

Master's Roundtable Discussions

Keep experienced members of NCGPC engaged by offering higher-level educational sessions.  Learn More »

Beginner's Roundtable Discussions

Provide planned giving mentoring to junior planned giving officers (PGOs) and other interested individuals.  Learn More »


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