National Capital Gift Planning Council

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Programming Committee

Chair: Kara Barnes
Phone: 202-885-5914


Choose monthly topics and speakers to advance the gift planning knowledge of NCGPC members and non-members in attendance at monthly educational sessions.

Brief Description of Activities

TThe Programming Committee meets three times during the NCGPC fiscal year to assign dates to committee members, choose relevant topics and speakers for monthly educational sessions, and then evaluate how programs were received. Those who facilitate the subcommittees of Beginner’s Study Group and Master’s Study Group are also members of the Programming Committee.


Chair + up to 15 NCGPC members, including some who are NCGPC board members.

How Often/Format for Meetings

3x/year, by conference call (one full committee; one fall programming volunteers; one spring programming volunteers)

Timeframe for Activity

Full NCGPC fiscal year.

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