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“If you’re new to planned giving or if you’ve been tapped to launch a planned giving program, I encourage you to avail yourself of the mentorship opportunity that NCGPC offers. It is a wonderful benefit and can make a difference for both your career and your organization. My mentor’s advice and guidance enabled me to gain knowledge and expertise beyond what I could get from any books or training.”

- Donna Batcho, Senior Manager, Development
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The Mentoring Program is a benefit available only to NCGPC members. It pairs someone new to gift planning with an experienced gift planning professional. Participants craft their mentorship to fit personal goals and preferences with as much or as little formality and structure as desired. Through it, you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship between a newcomer and a seasoned gift planning professional, or between peers.  With one-on-one guidance and support, both individuals learn and grow from each other's experiences.

Since 2008, more than 75 NCGPC members have participated in the mentoring program as a mentor or mentee. There are more than a dozen active mentor/mentee relationships.

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