Ethics Committee

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Co-Chairs: Tiffanie N. Purvis, Esq. and Doug White


This is an online resource for ethical questions and answers as they relate to fundraising and planned giving. The NCGPC posts real questions from real people and Doug White, an author, professor, and an advisor to nonprofit organizations and philanthropists, answers them. All identities, both of people and places, are kept confidential.

Brief Description of Activities

Bi-monthly (or so), Doug writes an ethical dilemma that is posted in the Ethics Corner section of the NCGPC website. To encourage participation and to alert recipients that a new dilemma has been posted, an email teaser about the dilemma is sent to both the NCGPC e-list and to GIFT-PL and other professional listservs, as well as posted on NCGPC's LinkedIn page.


Co-Chairs: Doug White and Tiffanie N. Purvis, + 1 member.

How Often/Format for Meetings

As needed, by teleconference.

Timeframe for Activity

Ethics Corner columns are posted bi-monthly or so, year round.