Membership Committee

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Chair: Evelyn Morgner


To promote NCGPC’s services and member resources, explore ways to recognize and steward new and existing members, encourage volunteerism, and identify prospective members.

Brief Description of Activities

Welcome new members with a personal call or email. Serve as hospitality ambassadors by greeting guests, first-time attendees and first year NCGPC members and making personal introductions at monthly meetings. Draft occasional member surveys and analyze results. Call members who are lapsed or expired to endorse membership renewal. Encourage members and prospective members to register for monthly programs and the Planned Giving days annual conference. Recruit members for volunteer opportunities within Council committees. Contribute to other activities that help create an enjoyable and rewarding NCGPC membership experience.


Chair, Acquisition Coordinator, Retention Coordinator, Hospitality/Stewardship Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator.

How Often/Format for Meetings

Meetings on a monthly basis via phone call.

Timeframe for Activity

2-4 hours a month and attending programs when possible throughout the year.