Sponsorship Committee

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Co-Chairs: JJ van Haelewyn, Kathy Ward and Elana Lippa


Make recognition and stewardship of existing sponsors our number one priority. Review sponsorship packages and offerings with an eye towards developing new opportunities and strengthening relationships.

Brief Description of Activities

Implement existing sponsor benefits and recognition plan. Thank sponsors with at least an annual personal phone call or email, e.g., after the PG Days Conference. Stewardship activities include interviewing sponsors for our “Sponsor Spotlight” recognition series and seeking input through sponsor surveys. Solicit sponsors annually. Develop new and innovative sponsorship opportunities with an eye towards enhancing benefits and recognition throughout the year. Recruit new sponsors. Encourage sponsors to become members or speakers. Institutionalize the process for soliciting sponsorships to capture best practices and formalize past fundraising practices.


JJ van Haelewyn, Kathy Ward and Elana Lippa, + additional members as needed.

How Often/Format for Meetings

As needed, by teleconference.

Timeframe for Activity

Sponsorship solicitations are timed to coincide with the National Conference (Fall). Sponsorship stewardship and recognition occurs year-round (Winter, Spring and Summer).