Get Involved

Planned Giving Days COVID-19 Policy

People at a conference

There are many ways to get involved in PG Days. A great way to immerse yourself in the conference and get to know great people is to join the PG Days Committee.

If you have an interest in any of the following activities, we encourage you to volunteer on the committee:

  • Creating a planned giving day track with expert presentations on gift planning, marketing, special topics and more
  • Assisting members in attending the conference on a scholarship
  • Editing and revising the marketing brochure, marketing emails and proceedings book
  • Securing sponsors for the exhibit hall and tracks
  • Helping to nominate a member for our Distinguished Service Award
  • Organizing badges and bags
  • Helping to secure door prizes
  • Working with speakers on roundtable discussions


Other things you can do to stay in the loop are: