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NCGPC Service Award

ncgpc service award

The Distinguished Service Award honors a planned giving, development or allied professional, or a volunteer leader in gift planning, with an exemplary record of service in the field. The award recipient will exemplify:

  • demonstrated quality leadership in gift planning
  • longevity in gift planning (a minimum of 5 years)
  • specific achievements in promoting and securing planned gifts
  • service to the gift planning profession, through participation in The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners and/or NCGPC
  • adherence to the Model Standards of Practice for the Charitable Gift Planner.
Patricia G. Wang

Patricia G. Wang
2019 DSA Winner

Year Recipient
1st 1996 Brenden Haggerty
2nd 1997 Ron Sapp
3rd 1998 Jerry McCoy
4th 1999 Jim Potter (deceased)
5th 2000 Jerry Anderson (deceased)
6th 2001 Phil Melberg
7th 2002 Doug White
8th 2003 Jeffrey W. Comfort
9th 2004 Robert J. Brennan
10th 2005 Arthur T. Keefe III
11th 2006 Angela W. Sosdian
12th 2007 Kathryn L. Ward, CFRE
13th 2008 Mary Todd Hardeman
14th 2009 Gayle S. Union, CFRE
15th 2010 Annie Coppola
16th 2011 Karen Gallardo, CFRE
17th 2012 Carla Rosati, CFRE
18th 2013 Ann Worley
19th 2014 John Jensen, CFP
20th 2015 Chris McGurn
21st 2016 Ed Cadogan
22nd 2017 Phyllis Freedman
23rd 2018 John B. Kendrick, CAP ®
24th 2019 Patricia G. Wang

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